CoreCommerce makes it easy to create gift certificates for your store and sell them on your website.

The first step is to enable gift certificate functionality in the admin panel:
  • Log in to the admin panel of your online store.
  • Hover over the Settings link in the upper right corner and click on Payment Settings, then click continue.
  • Once you continue an additional menu will display which will allow you customize your gift certificates.
  • Set the minimum and maximum amounts for gift certificates.
  • Set the increments the customer can choose from when buying a gift certificate.
  • If you don't want the mail option to display to the customer, enable "Email Only" and the gift certificate will be sent via email only.
  • Set an expiration if desired.
  • When done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
Now that gift certificates have been enabled, you can add them as a product available for purchase in your store. To do this:
  • ​You have a variety of options, such as inserting the link in the footer, or creating a new content page and inserting the link somewhere on that page.
    • To insert the link in the footer, hover over the Site Content tab on the left navigation and click on Footer Widget Settings.
  • Make sure under the "Promotions" section of the page that loads, that "Gift certificates" is set to "ON." The words "Gift Certificates" will now display in the footer with a link to the order form.
  • If you would like to create a content page for gift certificates, you can do that as well. Refer to the Support Center articles on content page creation. Make sure that somewhere on the content page you include the following link to the gift certificate order form: (
  • Note: Customers who have purchased gift certificates can check the balance of their certificate at (
Once gift certificates have been enabled and added as a product on your site, you can now manually create and distribute gift certificates to your customers who buy them. To create a gift certificate and send it to a customer:
  • Hover over the Marketing tab on the left navigation and click on Gift Certificates.
  • Click the Add New Gift Certificates button.
  • Input the "Gift Certificate Number" (this can be any combination of letters and numbers and is what the customer will input when placing an order), or click "Auto-generate" for a random string of letters and numbers.
  • Enter a "From" and "To" name and message, if desired (these are not required).
  • Input the gift certificate amount into the "Total" section.
  • If you want to set an expiration, enter the number of days you want the gift certificate to be valid.
  • Choose to send the gift certificate via email or by mail (optional). If you want to send the gift certificate to the customer via email right now, check "Send Email Now" and when you save, the email will be sent.
  • When done, click Save.